Will someone please think of the children?

Dembski breathlessly announces the latest front in the ID war on science - they've been unable to convince any relevent scientists, so they go straight to the children:

The Darwinists have had your young people long enough to shape, subvert, and corrupt. Send them to www.overwhelmingevidence.com and mobilize this sleeping giant! The old guard is not going to change. The hope of the future lies with our youth. The new ... site is modeled on Xanga and Myspace and aimed at concentrating the power of youth to throw off the indoctrination that is being shoved down their throats by groups like the NCSE and enforced by inept judicial rulings like those of Judge Jones (note the image of Jones on the splash page). The NCSE, the ACLU, Jones, etc. have effectively disenfranchised our young people when it comes to the teaching of biological origins. Today's high school and college students are going to need to reclaim their own freedom. (source)

The domain name is, by the way, owned by Dembski.

Remember when Phillip E. Johnson said that the movement's goal was to convince scientists at that they would not be targeting the culture at large? The late 90's seem like so long ago.

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What a year it has been for the Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Design movement! Below the fold, I detail the advances that ID has made in the short time since Judge Jones delivered his ruling in Kitzmiller v. Dover. January Dembski: Just as a tree that has been "rimmed" (i.e., had its bark…
What are they thinking? You may have heard that Bill Dembski commissioned and posted to his website for kids a very silly flash animation mocking Judge Jones and the words of his decision—it uses images of various evolution supporters to trigger Jones to recite criticisms of ID in a high-pitched…
The problems with the latest reply from Disco. 'tute's David Klinghoffer begin in the title. He claims: "National Center for Science Education Defends Its Association with James Fetzer, Peddler of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories." NCSE did not address Klinghoffer's specious and slanderous claims…
Dembski chimes in with: [T]he actual ruling is not a Waterloo for the intelligent design side. Certainly it will put a damper on school boards interested in promoting intelligent design. But this is not a Supreme Court decision. Nor is it likely this decision will be appealed since the Dover…

Ugh. Dembski is such a sick asshole. As far as I'm concerned, It is he who is the child abuser

From the Catholic Church to the Communist Party, youth movements have a long and well documented history as a vital part of totalitarian movements. Will the Dembski Youth get a uniform?

> Will the Dembski Youth get a uniform?

Only if they can find a designer.

By John Lynch (not verified) on 30 Sep 2006 #permalink

Dembski's "uncommondescent" site has not been about science for a long time. It is strictley a religious site, there is no discussion of science, any contrary comments are deleted. That's what theocracy's do. the new site follows in that traditon. In order to follow Dembski's view you need to fail the entrance test.

By richCares (not verified) on 30 Sep 2006 #permalink

I'm wondering whether this sort of lame pseudo-hipsterism can actually work to the end that Dembski wants it to. If it does, then the Enlightenment and indeed humanity in general may be a lost cause..

On the homepage the list of "Highest Users". I supposed it does help to be stoned to believe this stuff, but isn't taking drugs against their faith?

the thing is, it's sooooo fake. Some "high school student" asks "when are Behe and Dembski coming out with new books?" and then another "high school student" "happens to stumble onto the site" and helpfully points to blurbs for Behe's new piece of crap...etc...surely high school students are sharp enough to see through this kind of silly sock puppetry...surely...

For a site that boldly proclaims by virtue of its name that it has 'overwhelming evidence', there seems to be a distinct lack of actual content. I actually registered and posted a blog entry to that affect (using my best teenage vernacular).

I asked in the nicest possible way that I was disappointed not actually find any evidence of ID on the site at all, let alone of the overwhelming variety. I posted thislate Sunday night and by early Monday morning my blog entry had already been expunged. So much for being modelled on MySpace...

>> Will the Dembski Youth get a uniform?

> Only if they can find a designer.


I'm signing up for this junk website, I want to see what the youth of America thinks about science! They must certainly understand biological systems far greater than the men and women around the globe who are currently studying the facets of a little ol' theory. Dembski, here's your shot at converting an "evolutionist."

Dembski's ego really needs a leash. He can't help but put his mug up on everything. Is the site about the ...cough...science of ID or is it some self promotion tool?

I guess he's thinking he can out-wow science with hip terms like "Zany" and "Wacky". Kids will really find it Groovy and the Bees-Knees.

The scientific method which advances Darwin's theory is premised upon the philosophy that matter is the only objective evidence. The premise is not subject to the scientific method nor can it be. A scientific method which excludes its own premise is illogical and demands explanation. Would someone like to try?

HG, your statement is quite useless in this context. Despite Intelligent Design's ties to Creation Science, they attempt to explain the universe based upon scientific observations, only the ultimate explanation is a designer. The scientific method is a method of observation, and that is limited to what we can observe - the physical world and the actions that take place in it. If you're refering to metaphysics, Natural Selection makes no affront upon what no one can observer or make claims about. If you're threatened by science, please just continue to ignore it.

And for comparison's sake, you may note that HG's comment was NOT expunged! (that, and I'm commenting to a blog post that's almost a year old!)

By the_ignored (not verified) on 21 Aug 2007 #permalink