Ben Stein - an Einsteinian figure?


Ben Stein recently met with Ken Ham, prompting Mark Looy (an Answers in Genesis drone) to effusively declare:

the brilliant Ben Stein, actor/economist/lawyer/presidential speechwriter/science observer-a 21st-century Einsteinian figure ... told Ken that he was aware of the "wonderful" facility near Cincinnati and hoped to visit one day

No comment.

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Mr. Stein has been on a number of commercials in his career. Recently he has been hawking sea-food products for the Alaskan fishing / crabbing industry. In the commercial he implores the audience to "Grab a fork and eat all you want, there's lots more out there."

I find this unsettling. If he were in fact a latter-day Einstein I'd hope that he would be more sensitive to the needs of a planet out of balance.

You can see his shilling here:

If you take the words back to their origins, "Ben Stein" means "son of a stone". That's all you need to know about him, his intellect, and the age in which we'd be living if he and his ilk took over.

Congratulations -

That has got to be the UGLIEST picture of TWO BOOBS available on the InterTubes!

"That has got to be the UGLIEST picture of TWO BOOBS available on the InterTubes!"

No, it gets worse. Check out this and watch the video:

And wait to you hear wait Stein has to say....made my stomach churn. Has the man lost any sense of intellectual credibility?

For a moment, I read this as " ... a Bensteinian figure ..."!

Hmmm, maybe that would be a good adjective to describe self-proclaimed "experts" who are utterly convinced of their own genius in the presence of plentiful evidence to the contrary!

By Julie Stahlhut (not verified) on 19 Mar 2008 #permalink

If ever there was a conversation an alien legion of evil warriors could listen on to evaluate our intelligence prior to attacking/trying to invade earth.... this would be it. They would estimate us to have the combined intelligence of a dog and a hamster that eats its own feet.

Dr. Julie - I like your thinking young lady...

So, a "bensteinian" presentation by a student would generate an "F" for a grade, and a "bensteinian" presentation in the Biz World would lead to not getting the deal done. Since this is a political year, we could say that McCain's gaffe in discussing the Suni / Shiite situation in Iran yesterday was positively "bensteinian" in its scope and grasp of the real situation.

Ah you Philosophers! I am more inclined to use his name differently, i.e. "Hey, Kiss my benstein" to the next person that cuts me off on the highway.

Is there room in the dictionary to present both sides?

I don't get it. Doesn't AiG throw out all of the science the Einstein advanced....why would you compliment someone by comparing them to someone whose science you reject

I know, I know.....why am i looking for logic in and Aig statement...I must be crazy!