Monday Mustelid #21


Wolverine, Gulo gulo Pallas 1780.


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Wolverine, Gulo gulo.
Mountain or Pale Weasel, Mustela altaica Pallas 1811 Click for bigger, clearer version of this little beauty!
Siberian weasel, Mustela siberica Pallas 1773 There are no good available photos for the Malayan weasel (M. nudipes), the Black-striped weasel (M. strigidorsa) and the Egyptian weasel (M. subpalmata), so that's all you are getting on them. That means that next week's Monday Mustelid will be the…
As wolves wander into Massachusetts, we now have a report of the elusive Wolverine being spotted on a research camera in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Camera Spots Wolverine in Sierra Nevada from (AP) -- A research project aimed at weasels has turned up a bigger prize: a picture of a…

Doesn't need them. It's a dynamo of destruction, just the way it is.

By JohnnieCanuck, FCD (not verified) on 03 Jul 2008 #permalink