Sarkar v Fuller (Part II). Now with added Wilkins goodness.

A few days back I noted Sahotra Sarkar's review of Steve Fuller's latest ejaculation. John Wilkins brings to my attention that Fuller has finally shown his true colors and joined the madhouse that is Uncommon Descent with a post attempting to deflect Sarkar's piece. It's amazing how individuals who claim to be dispassionate observers of ID eventually reveal their true colors and climb into bed with Dembski. He, Fuller and Denyse "I'm a serious journalist" O'Leary make quite a threesome!

As one would expect, Fuller's piece is full of sound & fury, signifying nothing, and Wilkins takes him to task for some historical inaccuracies (factually accuracy, as John notes isn't something Fuller is interested in). Sayeth Wilkins:

This disregard for facts ... is merely a Marvel Comics form of philosophy and history, and it's the only kind that can support ID. I think the less of Fuller just for this one claim. I can only imagine what the full work will lead me to think of him.

John, by the way, is reviewing Fuller's book for Metascience, so we can expect more on this topic in the future.

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Your irony meter may just exploded on this one. Predictably, the idiots (at this stage there really is no other word for them) over at Uncommon Descent have been removing comments that criticize Fuller's vacuous defense against Sarkhar, a philosopher whom philosophical-know-nothing Denyse O'Leary…
A little while back I linked to Sahotra Sarkar's review of Steve Fuller's Science versus Religion. Now Fuller has put up a defence at the Intelligent Design website, Uncommon Descent, under the gerrymandered image of a bacterial flagellum (if you want to know what a real flagellum would look like…
Steven ("Steve") Fuller is a well known sociologist of science (he began as a philosopher of science but is presently employed by the University of Warwick as a sociologist). He is widely credited for the subject and journal of Social Epistemology. He is also the guy who wrote several hundred…

Sarkar shredded Fuller's book. Fuller's response: "Well, yeah, I was wrong, wrong, wrong, and I don't actually support any of my claims, but here's why I don't care . . ."

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*Heads off to AtBc to mock Fuller, expecting mockery to be in full swing*

I believe the correct term is Denyse "BUY MY BOOK" O'Leary.