Thursday Magic Blogging 020410

(A.k.a. "just under the wire Baby Blogging, because Kate forgot she took these pictures.")

In which SteelyKid performs a magic trick:

"Watch me make this pretzel disappear, Mom!"

i-31046d463151fb7dd71f2cca8a19a684-magic 01.jpg

"Wait a minute . . . "

i-f98f1a15b079cb4bb6b98ec89b847f77-magic 02.jpg

"Hey! No photography! Now give me that camera and no-one will get hurt."

i-d0011047d92e4a7fc43ee60701af9ffd-magic 03.jpg

And that's why there's no Appa picture today.

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Hey, Rocky, "Watch me pull an Appa outta my hat!"

"Aww, SteelyKid, that trick never works."

"Time to get another hat..."

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 05 Feb 2010 #permalink

I have another picture where she has all four of the items on her tray (two carrots that she wasn't eating and two pretzels) down that sleeve, but it was obviously not in sequence because she still had her bib on.

Also note the inevitable taking off of her right shoe.

One shoe off - good misdirection!