Friday Felid #1

Last year saw me present a mustelid every Monday. This year, I'm going to feature a member of the Felidae every Friday. In so doing, I will follow the taxonomy given in Wilson & Reeder's Mammal Species of the World.


Cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus Schreber 1775

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There are fifty-five species of Mustelid in 24 genera. Each Monday for the next year, I will presenting you with a photo of one of the members of this fascinating Carnivore family. Oriental Small-clawed Otter, Aonyx cinerea Illiger 1815. Click for big version. Bonus image below the fold.
In the previous article (required reading) we looked at European leopards. But the leopard wasn't the only big spotted Panthera species that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene: it was joined by a second, far less well known animal: Panthera gombaszoegensis (originally Leo gombaszoegensis…
It's not everyday that you discover a shop named after a group of fairly obscure amphibious lipotyphlans. While in Spain last year, I was intrigued by this shop... I think it sold clothes or something, though frankly I don't recall checking. Here's a close-up of the animal featured on the signage…
One member of a three-cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) coalition at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Oh, boy! Another LOL Catz site!

Cheetah sez: I AM smiling!