Spectacular lenticular!


Todayâs APOD is spectacular. Big version here.

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An absolutely stunning nightscape taken ten kilometers from Flagstaff (Arizona) just three weeks ago: the San Francisco Peaks covered with lenticular cloud with the Milky Way behind. All a testament to the status of the city as the first International Dark Sky City. Having spent plenty of time in…
Via APOD. Click here for larger version.
Solargraphy is the art of using long-exposure pinhole cameras to record the path of the sun across the sky. The above example (click through for enlarged version over at APOD) is a six month exposure taken in Bristol, UK. Here are instructions to do it yourself - no processing required beyond use…
For an explanation of why the shadow of the shuttle’s launch plume is pointed towards the Moon, see APOD (which also has a hi-res version of the image).

In blogger (and also WordPress), APOD has a widget you can put in your sidebar (I have it in mine). Unfortunately, the installation was via GUI, so I don't know the HTML or even how well it would work in the scienceblogs platform. But ir might be worth looking into since I can think of at least a couple of SEED bloggers that wouldn't mind having that widget in their sidebar.

And yes, that picture blew me away this morning; I immediately mailed it to several friends.