Darwin Day Lecture in Oklahoma


You probably already know that today is the bicentennial of Darwinâs birthday. What you may not know is that Iâm giving a talk tonight (7pm) at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum on âWas there a Darwinian Revolution?â It is the open address for the University of Oklahomaâs âDarwin 2009â celebrations. 

If youâre in the area, do drop along. Later on in the week, I may get around to posting slides.

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And the lecture was REALLY good! Full house (ca 350 persons). Unexpectedly, there were no questions/comments from creationists. Thanks John for your efforts this week at Oklahoma.

Why the hate directed towards the religious? (No really, why?)

Science owes a great debt to Christianity. Faraday, Maxwell, Pascal, Mendel, are but a few of the devout Christians responsible for founding most of the branches of what is considered to be modern science.

Am I missing something?


Where is the "hate directed towards the religious"? I don't see any in this post or the single comment before yours. Aren't you projecting just a little? And making assumptions about what I say/believe?