Was there a Darwinian Revolution?

Some folks have been asking to see the slides from my talk last week at OU. They're a little opaque without my commentary, but here they are:

I'll be giving a very similar talk at ASU on Friday for Sigma Xi.

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These are great John!

I have a question about the "no such thing as a Darwinist" slide. While I understand that stance regarding our current debates about ID/creationism, do you extend it to the past as well? Do you believe that "Darwinist" is not a useful label to attach to historical figures or debates?

By John Jackson (not verified) on 16 Feb 2009 #permalink

@ Steve

If someone asks me (and pays my way), I'll go!

@ John

Yes. "Darwinism" and "Darwinist" have meaning only as historical entities. I make that point in the talk. Use of them today - usually by anti-evolutionists - is largely a pejorative.

Very nice John! Where may I ask is slide 61 from? I made a poster of that to hang in my lab, but I neglected to write down the source

I've used that phylogenetic image, too. It's by David Hillis, Derreck Zwickil and Robin Gutell at the University of Texas, but I can't now get to the original source -- apparently their server is down. The Google cache of the press release about it is here.