Friday Felid #9


Sand cat, Felis margarita Loche 1858.


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It's very funny how things sometimes work out. I had absolutely no plans whatsoever to cover cats at Tet Zoo this week. Then, on Friday, I watched the documentary that featured the pogeyan* and, obviously, decided that it was worth covering. And, during the County Museum visit on Saturday, my…
Pallas’ cat, Felis manul Pallas 1776 <source>
Jungle cat, Felis chaus Schreber 1777 (source)
The ranger stood on the dirt road, facing south, and the rest of us, scattered about the parked safari truck, facing north and paying close attention to what she was saying. The sun was slipping quickly below the red sand dunes to our west, and the day’s warm breeze was rapidly changing to a chill…

Now we're talking; that's a georgeous animal.

By Terry Hummer (not verified) on 27 Feb 2009 #permalink

I once startled a bobcat who looked at me something like this Sand Cat. Sort of eyeballed me.

It was around dusk and I was looking for my cat; we lived on the edge of a small forest. I saw this orange shape chasing something in the forest and I went up to the edge thinking it was Sandy.

Nope. It was a Cat name Bob. We stared at each other for a few seconds, then it darted into the shadows.

I'm thinking that Bob the Cat was not the type to rub around my ankles!