SkeptiCamp Phoenix

The following is shamelessly lifted from Jim Lippard's blog:

On March 28, SkeptiCamp Phoenix 2009 will take place at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Participants include Mike Stackpole of the Phoenix Skeptics on "Practical Techniques for Street Skepticism," John Lynch on "Academic Freedom and Intelligent Design," and Tony Barnhart on "Methods of the Pseudo-Psychic."

The event is sponsored by the Skeptics Society/Skeptic magazine, the Center for Skeptical Inquiry/Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and by the James Randi Educational Foundation. It will be the fifth SkeptiCamp, after two in Colorado, one in Vancouver, and one in Atlanta.

For more information on the event, see the SkeptiCamp Phoenix 2009 wiki page, the SkeptiCamp Phoenix registration site, or the SkeptiCamp Phoenix Facebook page.

I'll be there, and so should you if you are an Arizona skeptic. Register at the registration site to attend. As of tonight, there are 28 attendance slots available. It's a one-day event but we hope to be heading for beers afterwards, so there should be plenty of opportunities to chat.

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SkeptiCamp Phoenix beings in a few minutes. Jim Lippard has all the details and Magic Tony, one of the presenters, will be live-blogging the event, and there may also be twittering at #skepticamp. I'll be adding bits and pieces as the spirit moves me.

!! Finally, something going on in Phoenix!

I can't make it though, DAMMIT! :(