Happy Paul Nelson Day!

i-0e79631c001392114b517c5b4a81f4d5-180px-Paul_Nelson.jpg Today we celebrate Paul Nelson Day in honor of the five year anniversary of his theory of "ontogenic depth" and a promised exposition that has never appeared. Methods of celebration vary - PZ has in the past suggested that we should make it a point to ask people "How do you know that?" today, and the ones who actually can explain themselves competently will be complimented by being told that they're no Paul Nelson. I have suggested that you can invent a new concept (such as "ontogenic depth") and promise to explain it later.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, have a happy Paul Nelson Day!

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He's actually a pretty nice fellow from what I've heard. Except for the thing where he wants everybody who disagrees with his theology to burn in hell forever (unless of course he disagrees with his god about that), and the part where he ignores the most basic simplest evidence in the entire freakin universe. Other than that he's pretty cool I guess.