My kids get caught up in the ugly world of spin, spin, spin


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Yes, those forlorn looking children are my kids, Hannah and Ben. This post is another oldie but goodie, but with the summer looming ahead, this picture still cracks me up. Mainly because it's an example of total misrepresentation of the product.

Specifically, here is what the picture on the box looked like:


Obviously, you can tell the huge discrepancy between the image on the box and what we might call reality.

Anyway, a slide with both of these graphics now often makes an appearance in my talks on science literacy. Particularly as a great visual element to segue into discussions on the public perceptions of technologies, etc.

As well, it's interesting to note that you can still buy (!) this pool at sites like amazon. I guess they can get away with this because on the box, it did say something to the effect of "Product may not be as appears on image."

Or maybe my kids are giants? Or the kids on the package are hobbits? Or we didn't blow it up enough? ...

(Note this photo of mine once made the rounds on the web before - check out here for some heated commentary on the issue of false advertising)

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Something about the time-space continuum? I think I saw this picture in the new Star Trek movie :)

Awww, your daughter looks so very sad!! :'(

I'm sorry, did they use miniature children for the picture on the box or what?

That is outrageous, but also, that picture is priceless.

Oh, so that's what Ben looks like? From his posts, I thought he must be much older, even a contemporary of yours. He writes so well for a preschooler!

A typical example of the deceitful pig excrement marketeers love so much.

Your children seem to have fun on that thing. I think that the most important thing. I agree with you that hard to see a real difference between the real object and that of the picture. I decided to comment on your post because I bought for my kids bowling and I had the same filing what you.