If TV science were more like real science.

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Earlier today, a friend sent me a link to this old-ish post from the excellent history/art/cultural curiosity blog Paleo-Future. It's a document written by John Elfreth Watkins, Jr., for Ladies' Home Journal in 1900. It is entitled "What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years." I couldn't resist…
He was also my husband's uncle. I only found two of his images online, the remainder are photographs of prints we have on our walls - intentionally poor quality for those. He was a member of the Lyme Art Association, so there may be more information on their site.  The Courant (Hartford, CT) had…
Style Bubble has some snapshots of luxe skull- and carapace-inspired jewelry by Dominic Jones. You've just got to love a crocodile skull vambrace! See more snaps at Style Bubble. Via Haute Macabre - you musn't miss their other recent post on Dominic Jones' work for Vice Magazine. Here's a teaser:
Speaking of China, two graphs from the brand-spanking-new Science and Engineering Indicators 2010: I detect some trends.

I supose it's not worth pointing out that they do more than one test and just edit for brevity?

I suppose it's not worth pointing out that editing for brevity and such like misrepresents how science is done?