tags: Parisian Love, long-distance relationship, Google, Superbowl Ad, streaming video The one nice thing about the StuporBowl is the ads that are aired during the game. Well, some of the ads that are aired .. most of the 2010 StuporBowl ads were really stupid, but this one, by Google, was quite nice. In this ad, an American finds true love in Paris, France. The ad was really nice because it shows what Google is about, and it tells a sweet story. Congratulations on the superb ad! Way to go, Google!
Product placement is old news, but just in case you're wondering how saturated films really are with implicit advertising,'s brandcameo-films index tells you which brands were featured where: It's hard to make audiences feel okay, and even good, about innocent people being gored, beheaded and axed to death--but Friday the 13th knows the trick is to populate the film with beautiful, shallow characters who feel self-entitled to a life of partying, comfort and money. Enter Jason Voorhees, the maladjusted and disfigured karma-maker. Though none of the characters seem to have…
Since Flickr is being an ass these days and won't let me share images with you that they don't approve of, which includes just about everything I put on my blog and no doubt includes screen shots of ads that I am using to illustrate my points, you'll just have to accept that I am not misleading you if you can't see the offending ads themselves. Basically, if you take a peek at the ads in the top and right sidebar of this blog, you'll notice that Seed Media has revised their advertising policies recently. One of the results of that revision has been to run Google ads on both these blog…
Bora's comment on my previous post (Could beautiful design save newspapers?) got me thinking about the distinction between aesthetics and advertising. Here's one Twitter-worthy take on it: Available at the Grandburo online store. Via Kingdom of Style
I know you're terribly bored with ants, ants, ants all the time here at Myrmecos Blog.  So that's why we're bringing you something different.  It's an ad from the 60's letting you know about an exciting new product for putting on a few pounds: For some reason it was lying around the entomology office this morning.  Entomology leads to emaciation? Thin people don't attract enough insects?  I can't figure it. (h/t Suarez)
Imaginative but effective ads from the Buenos Aires Zoo. Via Toxel and thanks once again to Kevin Z. "Get Much More for Less" Ads "The Kangaroos Have Arrived" Ads Many more below the fold "Now We Are Open Late" Ads "115 Years" Ads Together Video (note that we cannot endorse the historical accuracy of this friendship...) Argentine readers please take note: I still do not have a shot glass from this zoo and Labor Day is coming soon, which is a HUGE gift giving holiday up here in the States.