Brilliant Buenos Aires Zoo Ads

Imaginative but effective ads from the Buenos Aires Zoo. Via Toxel and thanks once again to Kevin Z.

"Get Much More for Less" Ads

i-c0e4e9d2704372723a17534df8260852-lion buenos aires zoo.jpg

i-70e1b023b41a499838c5d89d619bac17-polar bear buenos aires zoo.jpg

"The Kangaroos Have Arrived" Ads

i-ffcbe7ca94a1b4f0c335d35a6927e6e5-lion kangaroo ad.jpg

Many more below the fold

i-006d4472a37245144b07c0f4f1013ec1-orangutang kangaroo ad.jpg

"Now We Are Open Late" Ads

i-83624a2281779c83272a92bc26d0b91f-lion open at night.jpg

i-eda3a91443956a9b03bda27df4007cd2-baboon open at night.jpg

i-f693d64ce8980d8c83f5d5a3fd2138d8-hippo open at night.jpg

"115 Years" Ads

i-f8a34e4d1be8ea59392f5db92e436fdd-elephant 115 years ad.jpg

i-1052ef3d3a956d42076403ef3989d2ae-gorilla 115 years ad.jpg

Together Video (note that we cannot endorse the historical accuracy of this friendship...)

Argentine readers please take note: I still do not have a shot glass from this zoo and Labor Day is coming soon, which is a HUGE gift giving holiday up here in the States.

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I totally got all sobby over the video. I'm like that.

Those ads are fantastic. Whoever created the campaign should get an award.