tags: The Conspiracy Game, religion, wingnuts, crackpots, humor, funny, satire, parody, Da Vinci Code, streaming video It's Sunday morning once again, and thus, it's time for a reality check. This time, let's play a little game; The Conspiracy Game!
tags: Right Wing Calls For More Profiling Of Muslims, terrorism, politics, public policy, religion, crackpots, streaming video After you watch this video, you too, will fear for the future of America. It's simply amazing what passes for logic among the right-wing religious crackpots. In fact, the evidence suggests that religion -- any religion -- causes brain damage. Don't believe me? Watch this video! "Nobody still hasn't [sic] refuted the fact that 100% of Islamic terrorists are Muslim."
Warning: long ranty post to follow. Taxonomy is an unusual discipline in the balance it strikes between legal and scientific concepts. There's the obvious biology bit about discovering and defining taxa, but unlike any other science there's a backbone of legalistic code that regulates the dynamics of names. If you're the sort who really digs dry legal documents, you can read the zoological code here and the botanical code here. The codes are largely concerned with nomenclature, dealing with issues such as the proper hierarchy of ranks, and resolving conflict among competing names. For…