Right Wing Calls For More Profiling Of Muslims

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After you watch this video, you too, will fear for the future of America. It's simply amazing what passes for logic among the right-wing religious crackpots. In fact, the evidence suggests that religion -- any religion -- causes brain damage. Don't believe me? Watch this video!

"Nobody still hasn't [sic] refuted the fact that 100% of Islamic terrorists are Muslim."


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Hah, John Robb is right again. See how even a pitiful failure at terrorist bombing can cause havoc in loony media and government. Expect to see more of these "failures" coming as they are so cost-effective.

People tend to forget that practically half the planet was engaged in a war against Islamic fundamentalists **before** 9/11.

The Balkans
The Caucasus
Middle East
Asian Subcontinent

The list goes on.

Islamic fundamentalists mean to conquer the world and destroy those who don't believe what they do. Anyone who denies this has placed political correctness above intellectual honesty.

Gotta agree with Josh, in a way: Islamic fundamentalism is a serious threat, almost as much of a threat to human progress as Christian fundamentalism and American consumerism.

Islam is roughly 14 centuries old, and when Christianity was roughly 14 centuries old, a number of Crusades had already happened, the Inquisition was near, and the wholesale destruction of aboriginal societies in the "new" world was about to start.

However, I don't think calling out fearmongers is PC, even if there's some merit to some of what they're saying.

In fact, the evidence suggests that religion -- any religion -- causes brain damage.

Yes, my 90-year-old Jewish grandmother in Chicago is exactly like Islamic extremists or right-wing Christians. You're so smart, GrrlScientist.