Photo by Tracy Woodward, WaPo Yesterday, zookeepers at the National Zoo's Conservation and Research Center discovered two newborn clouded leopard cubs in the enclosure of their mother, Jao Chu. This is a big deal because it is notoriously difficult to breed clouded leopards in captivity: males can attack and kill females with whom they aren't properly bonded, and captive mothers often inadvertently or deliberately kill their cubs. Because of that risk, these two cubs were taken from Jao Chu to be raised by human researchers. Jao Chu and her mate Hannibal were imported from Thailand last…
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tags: pets, cutest kitten in the world, streaming video Squeeeeee!! This video shows the cutest kitten in the entire world. No, seriously. If you watch this video and remain unaffected by the cuteness of this kitten, I think you are a prime candidate for psychiatric evaluation [3:01].
tags: kitten vs ferret, humor, streaming video This is a really amusing video of a kitten and a ferret playing with each other -- who won? [1:19]
I'm sure any cat owner will get a laugh out of this (I have 3 at the moment, so it's even a little worse than in the video...); [Hat-tip to GrrlScientist]
Cougars (Puma concolor), while currently ranging from Canada to the Andes Mountains in South America, still inhabit only part of their former range. Before European colonization, the big cats ranged from coast-to-coast in the U.S., the eastern populations being wiped out with the exception of a small population in Florida. Some have suggested that the cats may eventually make a comeback and reclaim their previous ranges, potential sightings popping up every now and again in Pennsylvania and other states, but by and large if you want to see a cougar and live on the east coast of the U.S. you…