This is what every morning is like for me

I'm sure any cat owner will get a laugh out of this (I have 3 at the moment, so it's even a little worse than in the video...);

[Hat-tip to GrrlScientist]

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That's about right! Our older cat (Catsby) gets like that the second we begin to stir in the morning, and Gizmo has just begun to recognize "feeding time," so she'll leap up and start kneading my back right before the alarm goes off. Hell, I can probably throw the clock radio out at this point.

That's right on! As soon as I start to stir, Emily starts clawing at my bureau. Then, Echo jumps up on my pillow and gets really close to my face and lets out this psuedo-Meow (it sounds more like a bird chirping...). And then they take out the baseball bats...

I'm actually not sure which is worse; when the cats are intentionally trying to wake me up to get fed or when they ignore my existence and go catapulting around the room, often using my face as a springboard.

I also made the mistake of giving Charlotte a piece of turkey the other day; she's terribly addicted to it and any time I open the fridge she tries to get in, and any time I make a turkey sandwich she tries to steal some out of the sandwich as I'm trying to eat it.