miniature pigs

tags: Pocket Piglet, pets, animals, miniature pigs, silly, cute, funny, streaming video This video shows a "pocket piglet" .. a miniature pig as a baby. I think keeping pigs as pets ultimately ends up becoming a sad situation for both the pigs and the people, but after seeing this video, I can certainly understand the attraction that people have for keeping them in their homes -- as this pig demonstrates, they're a helluva lot cuter and smarter than either puppies or kittens!
Dude Kingsford Goes to the Beach - video powered by Metacafe via CMYKaboom!
We have no idea! Maybe from the British? But that hasn't stopped well over 100 people from asking us to sell them a tiny piglet in the comments section of this months old post. Now we have video. Anyone want to take over/under bets on how many people ask us to sell them a porker in the comments of this post? Zooillogix - for all of your smallish rat-pig needs.
The smartest person in England has bred a new kind of pet pig, one that fits in the palm of your hand! Chris Murray's Pennywell Miniature pigs recently gave birth to eight piglets at his farm in Devon. According to this article on, Murray wanted a kind of pig "that children can enjoy giving...a cuddle." Hmm....creepy. This is where the meat for those tiny little sandwiches they serve at tea time comes from... Anyhoo, Murray is trying to sell them in pairs so they always have a companion and claims that they are easy to house train. He just sold a couple to some British celebrity…