Pocket Piglet

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This video shows a "pocket piglet" .. a miniature pig as a baby. I think keeping pigs as pets ultimately ends up becoming a sad situation for both the pigs and the people, but after seeing this video, I can certainly understand the attraction that people have for keeping them in their homes -- as this pig demonstrates, they're a helluva lot cuter and smarter than either puppies or kittens!

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We have no idea! Maybe from the British? But that hasn't stopped well over 100 people from asking us to sell them a tiny piglet in the comments section of this months old post. Now we have video. Anyone want to take over/under bets on how many people ask us to sell them a porker in the comments of…
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Via the awesome i&o blog, we bring you Cinders, a pig with mysphobia - a fear of dirt. The porker's owners, Debbie and Andrew Keeble, pig farmers and sausage makers in North Yorkshire England, had never seen anything like it. The tiny piglet would cower and shake in the grass at the edge of…

With a name like Kingsford it seems like these folks have their end game all worked out. They'll raise a toast and call him 'some pig' and 'terrific'.

It's odd, there was an E B White quote on Bora's site a few days ago that I ran across while trying to find some vaguely culinary references from Charlottes Web. I noted that the name of the unscrupulous rat in the book was Templeton. Makes the name of a certain organization seem appropriate.

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Sigh, I never notice little punctuation errors til I hit post. So many apostrophes and none for poor Charlotte and her web. :(

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Winston Churchill once said that a dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you, but a pig looks you square in the eye.