Pocket Piglet

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This video shows a "pocket piglet" .. a miniature pig as a baby. I think keeping pigs as pets ultimately ends up becoming a sad situation for both the pigs and the people, but after seeing this video, I can certainly understand the attraction that people have for keeping them in their homes -- as this pig demonstrates, they're a helluva lot cuter and smarter than either puppies or kittens!

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With a name like Kingsford it seems like these folks have their end game all worked out. They'll raise a toast and call him 'some pig' and 'terrific'.

It's odd, there was an E B White quote on Bora's site a few days ago that I ran across while trying to find some vaguely culinary references from Charlottes Web. I noted that the name of the unscrupulous rat in the book was Templeton. Makes the name of a certain organization seem appropriate.

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Sigh, I never notice little punctuation errors til I hit post. So many apostrophes and none for poor Charlotte and her web. :(

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Winston Churchill once said that a dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you, but a pig looks you square in the eye.