Triangle Bloggers Barbecued???

A Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey, writes in and says,

Dear Roseanne Roseannadanna,

I just read of some bizarre Southern ritual whereby Durham-Chapel Hill-RTP bloggers are meeting this coming Friday for a barbecue.

What have Triangle bloggers done to anyone such that they should be barbecued?? The ones here at seem nice enough, but even getting past the horror of the thought, that Coturnix would need a little more meat on his bones to be considered even remotely tasty.

Richard Feder
Ft. Lee, NJ

Well, Mr. Feder, you've got it all wrong. It seems that UNC medical journalism star graduate and superblogger, Anton Zuiker, is hosting a gathering at his family home for Triangle bloggers or anyone in the area interested in starting a blog, this Friday, 25 August at 6 pm.

Mr. Zuiker (the namesake of his blog, is nationally famous for providing students and regular public folk the tools to start their own blogs within a one hour lecture.

The Triangle has a lovely, open, and welcoming blogging community and it's very kind of Anton and his wife to open their home to us folks, especially on the first day of kindergarten for their daughter. A keg will be provided; Anton asks that you RSVP and, "Please bring meat to grill, a dish to pass, and an appetite for conversation. Spouses and children are encouraged to join us."

Word also has it that the Pharmboy will finish the evening afterward at the long-awaited Roman Candle show in Carrboro, NC, where the band will showcase the reason for the buzz surrounding their long-awaited album, The Wee Hours Revue. Check their show schedule to see them in your hometown - you will not be disappointed.

[with apologies to Gilda Radner]

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Abel Pharmboy, did you miss the bit on my About page wherein I mention I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu? Vanuatu being a place where cannibalism was once practiced. They called human flesh "long pig." Guess you'll have to find out on Friday whether I "went native."

[A bit macabre, but Coturnix started it!]