Bora leaves ScienceBlogs with superb history and analysis of science blogging

With great sadness, I announce that my colleague, Bora Zivkovic (aka Coturnix), is departing from ScienceBlogs.

However, his long-awaited analysis of the Pepsigate #sbfail episode is superb and he provides an unparalleled history of science blogging, its relationship with the legacy media, and his views of the future. He ends on an optimistic note, so I hope that his leaving the network is a GoodThing for both him and his family.

Bora has been and will continue to be a great blog mentor. I am most fortunate to know him in real life as well.

I can't help thinking that this is another nail in the ScienceBlogs coffin. I hope I am proven wrong.

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Thank you so much. This was not easy. But I hope we all come out of this stronger.

This is most unfortunate, and I hope he starts another blog elsewhere. He definitely will continue to be a great blog mentor.

So, with Pharyngula on strike, more people abandoning ship, and others still contemplating (but, I think, likely to follow), do YOU have a blog set up somewhere else?

Good to know who are the people who care about the health of others and we expect to find many of them, because in the world there are always people who care about the health of millions who suffer daily...