NY Times Ends Pay for Premium Content

This e-mail just came in overnight - a great move by the New York Times:

Dear TimesSelect Subscriber,

We are ending TimesSelect, effective today.

The Times's Op-Ed and news columns are now available to everyone free of charge, along with Times File and News Tracker. In addition, The New York Times online Archive is now free back to 1987 for all of our readers.

Why the change?

Since we launched TimesSelect, the Web has evolved into an increasingly open environment. Readers find more news in a greater number of places and interact with it in more meaningful ways. This decision enhances the free flow of New York Times reporting and analysis around the world. It will enable everyone, everywhere to read our news and opinion - as well as to share it, link to it and comment on it.

We thank you for your support of TimesSelect, and hope you continue to enjoy The New York Times in all its electronic and print forms.

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, click here:


To contact Customer Service, please send an e-mail to ordercs@nytimes.com.


Vivian Schiller
Senior Vice President & General Manager


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Wow! New York Times newspaper biased news reporting will now be free online.

Is that an improvement?

By John J. Coupal (not verified) on 21 Sep 2007 #permalink