Moving advert from Cancer Research UK

Although I'm American, much of my training and early independent career was influenced by British cancer researchers. At the time, their laboratories were supported by ICRF, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. In 2002, ICRF merged with the Cancer Research Campaign to create Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

I have several friends who work for Cancer Research UK, not the least of whom are blogger/author Ed Yong (Not Exactly Rocket Science) and writer/musician Dr Kat Arney, author of the aptly-named blog, You Do Too Much. Together with fellow professional science communicator Henry Scowcroft, they administer the Cancer Research UK blog, Science Update.

I note of all this to provide you with context for one of the most moving and persuasive cancer research ads I've seen in recent years. We've made great progress but we have a long ways to go.

It's all moving but the words "brain tumour" from 9-year-old Eden Hubbard really got me.

In fact, you can learn the stories about all 36 cancer patients featured in the advert and the making of the piece on this page of the website devoted to this campaign,

Well done, mates. Well done.

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Very moving ad. Made me cry. Lost my best friend to breast cancer eight years ago. She was the single mother of a twelve year old daughter.

By Catharine (not verified) on 08 Aug 2009 #permalink