Why the PharmKid will get her flu vaccine

Prof Tara Smith thought it important enough to come back from her hiatus to explain why she's doing the same for her kids.

That's why.

Addendum (20 Sept 2009): In my rush to put up a very quick post on Friday, I just saw that Revere at Effect Measure put up a detailed post on why we should always get the regular seasonal flu vaccine regardless of the current H1N1 pandemic.

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My whole family will be getting poked. I'm not going to rely on 'herd immunity' to keep me or my family safe. I can't afford to miss 7 days of work as the Minnesota Health Department is suggesting in the event of infection (H1N1 or other).

Aw, thanks for the plug, Abel. Hope you're all doing well!

As of today our whole family is vaccinated against seasonal flu so we will be eligible for h1n1 vaccine as soon as our respective priority groups are called. I want no part of spreading either disease.