Australia's new feral mega-cat (teaser)

i-a0f9325c0f590ab4e74092051e866a69-Lithogow cat.jpg

Coming next: that long-promised post on Australian giant cats. If this stuff is unfamiliar to you, prepare to be surprised. I still can't believe it. After that: the beluwhals, newts (pending fieldwork to be carried out on Wednesday), maybe more feathered dinosaurs.... and rhinogradentians. Spent today watching swimming rats. Only Rattus norvegicus but still cool.


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It's very unlikely there's a breeding population, or if there is, it's so inbred it's unlikely to survive recurrent droughts, in my ignorant opinion. But I look forward to your post. As always...

Ah, rhinogradentia. Thus, you are also qualified to post on Petrophaga lorioti.

Hmm, Loriot's stone louse. Not one of my favourite zoological hoaxes I must confess. And besides, Loriot broke the rules by naming said creature after himself. More importantly, it's not a tetrapod, so no coverage from me, sorry..

Thanks for your comment though.

Ah, but Nessiteras rhombopteryx (got to be my favorite binomen of all time) is a tetrapod...

By Nick Pharris (not verified) on 04 Mar 2007 #permalink