Aetosaurs and ethics

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More aetosaurs coming soon. If only I didn't have all this other crap to deal with first.


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In the previous post we introduced the aetosaurs, a strange and fascinating group of armour-plated quadrupedal Triassic crurotarsans. Equipped with stout limbs, a strange upturned snout and (usually) toothless jaw tips, aetosaurs have been interpreted as omnivores, herbivores, and even as…
These were taken the day after the pseudo-move, as soon as the cats came back from a weekend at the vet. Biscuit was hiding, but the other two explored the new environs:
In the latest installment in that 'evolution of vampires' thread, we learn how a chronic decline in populations of the Yellowbilled oxpecker has highlighted the pretty obvious fact that not all oxpeckers are alike. Why didn't I mention this sooner: d'oh! Before I got distracted by troodontids,…
Louis, an 18 month old, giant Pacific octopus at the Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium in the U.K. has a new best friend: a Mr. Potato Head doll. In this article on, Matt Slater of the aquarium, talks about Louis' love affair with the little plastic man (NOTE: This quote is a lot more powerful…

If only I didn't have all this other crap to deal with first.

You expect us to believe that you have anything in your life besides this blog? Well, this and cryptozoology conferences. I mean, you finished your PhD - what else could there possibly be to do?

Seriously, aetosaurs are highly cool. I'm looking forward to more about them.

I've just found your blog. Very interesting! I've sent the link to Julia Desojo, she's the only person I know that's as interested in aetosaurs as you are :-)