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Since the publication of Taylor et al. (2009) - the sauropod neck posture paper - we've been running a whole series of articles on necks and neck posture, and all that it implies, over at SV-POW! Please check it out. I've been too busy to contribute anything, but that changes later today. Sorry, this is an annoying teaser...


Oh - while I'm here... I've been informed by Morgan Wirthlin that I've been nominated for the 3 Quarks Daily awards. Please go here for the link to the voting area. I never win these sorts of things so find it hard to get excited, but thanks for the nomination (and thanks if you vote). Oh yeah, speaking of voting...

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Taylor, M. P., Wedel, M. J. & Naish, D. 2009. Head and neck posture in sauropod dinosaurs inferred from extant animals. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 54, 213-220.


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good luck!

Uhm...Maybe it will be revealed that,like Sauropods could lift their necks up,Plesiosaurs could too?

I voted for the passerine birds one. Last I checked, you had 42 votes for that one, and 36 votes for the small crocodilians one.


By Peter Mihalda (not verified) on 06 Jun 2009 #permalink

I'd like to send you a couple of photos of dinosaur reconstructions at the ROM. It's always bothered me that the ribs of one of their specimens rubbed together. Maybe you can propose a better attitude for it.

I just noticed on my last visit that their large tyrannosauroid has its little neck ribs crossed. The photo isn't as clear but perhaps you'd like to see it? It probably should be restored with a more upright neck, maybe more of an S-curve.