Abrams calls Sebelius names, claims she did it first

In response to her recent proposal to change the powers of the Board of Education, Steve Abrams, the Ed. board chairman sez Sebelius is an ‘elitist.’ Quoth the Abrams:

"Personal insults from this liberal governor are the only arguments she can make due to the lack of her own accomplishments."

All class, our man Abrams. Using personal insults to claim that someone else used personal insults. Then, tossing his dictionary to the wind, he continued his email to news organizations by writing

"to infer that the State Board of Education is responsible for the lack of economic development in Kansas is laughable."

As the K-State style guide explains: "Speakers imply what listeners infer."

Here's a little multiple choice question:

The governor, in an interview with the Capital-Journal, "said she has encountered people outside the state who have heard of the board's decisions -- and little else -- when it comes to Kansas.

'Fred Phelps and the school board are all they know about,' she said. 'No amount of economic development dollars can cancel that out.'"

In the passage above, the governor ____________ that the Board is responsible for the lack of economic development.

a) implied
b) inferred
c) stated
d) none of the above

Steve Abrams already failed this test, and he's in charge of setting standards for statewide testing.

Abrams, of course, has taken deserved criticism from the nation's papers and magazines, while Sebelius has been named among the best governors by Time magazine and Inc. magazine.

What does that imply about who is helping the state's economic development?

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Hows THAT for an insult?

Pretty lame, really. And irrelevant as well.

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FRANCIS, Hey I justed loved your talking mule movies when I was a kid.