Mrs. Morris goes to Washington

The Capitol-Journal complains that Connie Morris is Off again:

Morris, who was defeated in the primary during her bid for re-election to the Kansas State Board of Education, repeated this week her intentions of having taxpayers pick up the bill for two out-of-state trips to education conferences during the final months of her tenure.

One of those trips, to Washington, D.C., is scheduled after her last state board meeting. No problem, she says. She has promised to provide a written report of what she learns at that meeting. That had better be some kind of report.

Morris defends taking the trips by arguing that leaving money in her travel account would say, "I slacked in my duty."

Personally, I think that if these travel costs are the price of being rid of Connie Morris, we should pay the money and be rid of her.

And if her reports aren't top notch, sue her to recover the expenses.

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"I slacked in my duty."

Wow. "I exhausted my expense acount in order to confirm the public's trust." It's not quite as dumbfounding in its utterly paradoxical nature as "destroying the village in order to save it," but it's headed in that direction.

Based on a previously published letter she wrote to KS voters, she will REALLY be able to FINALLY get to write some GOOD stuff that she can EASILY capitalize, just like MOST of her REDNECK XTIAN supporters. She needs to be publicly thrashed for her utter disregard of the KS voter and misuse of funds. It is totally ironic that she may be legally okay to go, but morally wrong.

No doubt she will be spending nights in the back seat of her rented Yugo in order to save taxpayers the expense of a hotel.

What I Did on My Vacation
On my vacation I saw the Washington Monument. It was real big. Then I saw the White House. It was cool to know that President Bush was so close to me. It felt real good. Then I went to see the Holocaust Museum. It was sad. As a Christian I feel real bad all those people are in hell now. Then I went home. I'm glad the taxpayers sent me on this trip cause it was real cool. The end.

By Connie Morris (not verified) on 18 Nov 2006 #permalink

Taxpayers should be allowed to "CRITICALLY ANALIZE" Morris' expenditures. Most likely, any description of her travels she submits will be "biologically, genetically, mathematically, chemically, metaphysically and etc. 'wildly' and 'utterly impossible."

In other words, her account will be just another "age-old fairy tale," or a "nice bedtime story."

Well, it certainly seems to more than one 'critical analyst' that the much-hyped Morris desire to defend her 'literal interpretation' against 'anti-God contempt and arrogance,' only turned into a desire to 'grab the money and run.'