Sen. Liddy Dole (R-NC) attacks Sunday school teacher: "There is no God"

Politico reports (via Benen):

Sen. Elizabeth Dole’s latest advertisement suggests her Democratic opponent, Kay Hagan, is a godless heathen.

“A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fundraiser for Kay Hagan,” the 30-second spot says, showing footage of the group’s members talking about their atheist beliefs on cable news.

“Godless Americans and Kay Hagan. She hid from cameras. Took godless money,” the ad concludes. “What did Kay Hagan promise in return?”

At the very end of the ad, a voice sounding like Hagan's says: "There is no God."

Kay Hagan teaches Sunday school. One of 40 people hosting a fundraiser for her belongs to this Godless PAC. And Hagan is hitting back, holding a press conference with her pastor, threatening to sue Dole if she doesn't correct the record.

"Elizabeth Dole is attacking my strong Christian faith," Hagan said in a conference call with reporters, saying that Dole should be "ashamed" of herself for running such an ad.

Hagan said she was particularly upset that at the end of the ad, her face is shown with a voiceover of a woman – not her -- saying "there is no God."

Hagan’s campaign said they'd delivered letters to Dole's Raleigh and Salisbury offices and her Washington, D.C., home giving the campaign 24 hours to pull the ad before they took legal recourse in court.

Dole spokesman Dan McLagan said the ad is accurate and the campaign had no intention of pulling the ad.

"Every word in the ad is true, the associations are all true, what the group stands for and wants is accurately portrayed, and the video of her is at the home of these two folks after she snuck in the back door," he said.

It's noteworthy that Dole's spokesman claims that "every word" is true, including, presumably, the claim that God doesn't exist. It seems like the Senator is trying to oppose that notion, but it's hard to say. Maybe Liddy has given up on God.

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Am I the only person who thinks the greater problem is the fact that Kay is not addressing Dumbass Dole's prejudice? The woman thinks 15% of the country, including me, is somehow vile.

So she doesn't like people taking money from atheists.

Elisabeth Dole should return to her employers the portion of her salary paid for by atheist Americans.

In fact, she should sponsor legislation that atheists pay no taxes at all, lest all the federal government be corrupted with atheist money.

I expect the day after the election a lot of republicans will come to believe there is no god. Otherwise how could Obama and all those Democrats get elected!

I can't help wondering if Dole has ever read the US Constitution, especially Article VI, the very last phrase, where it says, quite clearly:

" religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

Has she read that, or has she, and most of the rest of the Rethuglican party simply chosen to ignore it?

By Blaidd Drwg (not verified) on 31 Oct 2008 #permalink

Ha! "Every word in the ad is true"--including, "There is no god." LMAO. That was a great connection to find in this ugly mess. I hope Dole's ad goes in the archives of infamy alongside Willie Horton and the Goldwater/flower ad.