The Kansas Republican Party is in disarray outraged:

President-Elect Barack Obama has suggested that one solution for his problems with the Guantanamo Bay security facility could be solved by moving some of the most dangerous men in the world to a medium-security facility in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kris Kobach [yes, that Kris Kobach] had this to say:

"Governor Sebelius will bend over backward to protect Kansans from global warming. Yet when a significant and immediate threat to Kansans' safety emerges--like bringing enemy combatants and terrorists to Kansas--she has nothing to say. Her many months on the campaign trail with Team Obama have evidently clouded her judgment."


And, Executive Director Christian Morgan [see also] said this:

"In light of President-Elect Obama's idea to move some of the most dangerous men in the world to Kansas, where is the outrage from Democrat leaders in this state? President- Elect Obama hasn't even been sworn in yet and already we are seeing the ill-effects of his agenda in Washington--an agenda that may bring dangerous Terrorists from foreign soils to the heart of Kansas."


Here is a partial list of the terrorists who could potentially be moved to the medium-security prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Oh, never mind. Because, you see, the plan isn't to send the prisoners from a military prison in Guantanamo Bay to the civilian prison in Leavenworth, but to "the military's only maximum-security prison, Fort Leavenworth in Kansas."

But let's set that aside momentarily. Because if we were going to get outraged about people sending dangerous people to live in the Leavenworth, why aren't Kris and Christian outraged about the existence of three goddam prisons in that town? Not only is there a military stockade (where German POWs were held during WWII) and a medium security federal penitentiary (which held such notable criminals as dog-fighter Michael Vick, gangster "Machine Gun" Kelly, and former Alcatraz inmate James J. Bulger), but also a state prison. Not to mention a privately-owned prison and "a women's prison farm and a men's prison farm." No one seems to feel any "outrage" over holding so many dangerous people in Leavenworth, perhaps because that's what prisons exist to do.

Furthermore, there is substantial evidence that many of the people at Guantanamo are not actually "dangerous Terrorists" or "enemy combatants." This is why we need a proper procedure to evaluate which detainees are truly dangerous, and to try them and convict them accordingly, and which detainees are wrongly held, and to return them to their families.

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What are they worried about; that they'll reconstitute the Sonic Klaw and vibrate through the walls of Leavenworth? Given these prisoners' super-powers, obviously the only place for them is a super-prison...

Everyone else may say NIMB about prisons, but not Leavenworth County. Prisons provide lots of jobs there and have been safely operating for many years. There would outrage if there were a suggestion of closing any of these them.

It's not about the prisons or the prisoners. It's about slamming Obama and democrats. They got their shorts in a twist by watching the uber-right-wing nutjob GOP (think good old freddy phelps) get soundly trashed. This petty, poorly thought out attack is just that - an attack against an Obama plan. It's not FOR anything, like justice, or the rule of law, just against Obama.

How come the official party of Jesus is so bitter? Even when they were on top they spent a disturbing amount of time playing the victim. What happened to the Mods? Are they just silent because the Christian Right, while standing for regulating the morality of others, also helps them cut their own taxes? And what is the matter with Kansas, anyway?

I maintain that there are al qaeda camps within Kansas. Some around the Manhattan area, where the biolab is going in and one between DeSoto and KC.

In the 80's, I was living in Manhattan, with a female Iranian roommate. Yes, during the hostage crisis, while my sis worked in the Old exec building. There were massive amounts of middle easterners in Manhattan, playing soccer and supposedly attending school there.

During the OK City bombing, which did indeed involve AQ, a special ops person was hanging out in Harbor Lights when I was there. Because I had family in high places within the government, the special ops person talked. There is a AQ camp between DeSoto and KC.

And today, I found this:
"Kansas City Library Materials Found
in al Qaeda Camp in Afghanistan
A chemistry text and a copy of Chemical Weekly addressed to the Kansas
City (Mo.) Public Library turned up December 11 in an abandoned al
Qaeda camp 12 miles south of Kandahar in Afghanistan, various news
sources reported. Also found was a copy of Aviation Week bearing the
Ann Arbor, Michigan, address of online information provider ProQuest.
"The FBI has not uncovered any evidence of any persons involved in or
with connections to al Qaeda in Kansas City or anyone who's passed
through Kansas City," FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza said in the December 13
New York Post. "But we will be checking out the situation at the
library." A spokesperson from ProQuest Information and Learning
(formerly Bell and Howell) said the company is working with law
enforcement to determine how the magazine got into the camp.
Newspaper reports were unclear about whether the magazines were actual
issues or photocopies and whether al Qaeda members are believed to
have visited libraries to obtain them. ProQuest said that if the
magazine was a photocopy, it could have been copied from microfilm,
which the company provides for libraries around the world.
Posted December 17, 2001."

By thecccexperiment (not verified) on 08 Dec 2008 #permalink

Why wouldn't they be shipped here, to Leavenworth? AQ is here, in Kansas. Makes me wonder that AQ is still, yet, within the CIA's control, just like the mujahdeen was.

Also, in the mid-90's, I was in that big shopping mall in w. Topeka, when I saw lots of middle easterners in the mall, NOT congregating. They were spread from one end of the mall to the other, evenly spaced. They didn't indicate they knew one another, as if they were ignoring each other. They had serious looks on their faces. I got the heebeejeebees (sp?) and got out of there. I have never been back there,... oh, maybe once.

Now I guess they could have been praying. I don't know much about the religion.
BUT I got spooked. I tend to listen to those inner alarm bells when they go off.

By thecccexperiment (not verified) on 08 Dec 2008 #permalink

Dude, paranoid much? I'm guessing there were a lot of white people spaced out around the mall also.

And al Qaeda had nothing to do with OKC. White supremacists, however,

thecccexperiment "During the OK City bombing, which did indeed involve AQ, a special ops person was hanging out in Harbor Lights when I was there. Because I had family in high places within the government, the special ops person talked. There is a AQ camp between DeSoto and KC."
Um. What? Is there a pasty white Christian Nation American paranoid anti-governmental patriot wing of Al Qaeda now? Wikipedia says Ramzi Yousef also placed the bomb used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing inside a rented Ryder van, the same rental company used by Timothy McVeigh in the OKC bombing, indicating a possible foreign link to Al-Qaeda. Using the same rental company is considered a "link"? That's a big like calling United and American airlines an Al Qaeda link because their planes were used on 9/11, or the World Trade Center a link because terrorists were there twice.

Excuse me while I fashion a tinfoil hat.

Josh, the Lansing Correctional Facility,formerly known as the Kansas State Penitentiary, is in Lansing, not Leavenworth. I'm not really understanding why you think there should be such outrage about having all these prisons within a 40 square mile area.
Have you ever been to Leavenworth County?

DaPrez: I have indeed been to Leavenworth County, and I'm not outraged. I don't understand why, by the standards they have set for themselves, the Kansas Republican leadership isn't outraged about all these dangerous people being shipped to Leavenworth.