Liveblag fail: Crash costs me liveblagging of Skoog and Seelke

In brief, Skoog points out that science ed. in Texas is behind other states, and that the circuitous path to critical analysis via S&W is less effective than just teaching critical analysis.

Seelke discussed his bogus research, which doesn't make sense and won't make sense to Board members, but since he claims it shows evolution to be weak, the conservatives will like it.

Mavis Knight is currently holding forth against Seelke's claim that taking out S&W would amount to indoctrination. I should emphasize, 8 hours into this process, that little if any of it holds together in any logical way. He never told his kids about Santa Claus because he should be their source of truth.

He doesn't like scientific consensus. Consensus can be wrong. No joke. But we don't teach non-consensus science in high school.

Dunbar: Some garbled silliness about how consensus really counts as evidence for indoctrination. Gravity is a lie!

Let's take a break.

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