Texas Liveblagging

Some dude who cut in line, science prof.: Keep the language unchanged. How many conformists got patents or Nobel Prizes? Key element of college readiness is crit. thinking. Quote Nietzsche, to no clear end. Campbell and Reece disparages anything but evolution.

C&R is a college text.

Leo: Pseudoscience? Philosophy sucks. DNA analysis has assumptions.

Cory Cunningham, 17 year-old HS student. Thanks for molding our young minds. I won't push my religious beliefs, just state them. Help us reason properly. Must consider S&W. Evolutionists play politician, "violating rights of students." Evolution should stand up to all thoughts. Don't deny right to practice and defend beliefs.

Knight: When does crit. think start in your educational process? Depends on definition, but from the beginning.

Eric Hennenhoefer, engineer, entrepeneur: This is a PR issue in Texas. Political games hurt us all. S&W is a marketing issue, rebranding ID as S&W. "This is a toxic term." Look at oil industry abuses of AGW, tobacco companies on lung cancer. We're spending a lot on biotech, and it'll be hard to attract business. Kansas was a laughingstock, even Faux News sez so. The Left sees this as an opportunity and this could tip things to the radical left. Don't mess with reputation of Texas.

Leo: This isn't like Dover, we apply S&W to everything. Do you know that it's already there? My point is PR for Texas. S&W doesn't mean what it used to. Everyone knows this. Words evolve in meaning.

Dunbar: Is this a PR issue, pushed by the media? Disco. is very slick, not an accident.

Davis: This is less toxic? I'm not into the details, but S&W sucks. Listen to the scientists.

Allen: Inaudible question about change in S&W meaning. Since Dover they switched names. Do what the experts say.

Cargill: Show me data that ID is forced on teachers. Have you got an example? Look at the media.

Sherry Taft: Researcher inserted critical thinking into hist class. Helps students think. Didn't mention controls or IRB approval, nor is it relevant to science class per se.

Genie just testified, pointing out that Board member Dunbar relied on a creationist newsletter in November's hearing. Youtube video shortly.

C Steven McDaniel, industrialist: Don't allow the teaching of creationism or other factless BS.

Leo: Who's trying to teach ID? I don't know. Uh, Dunbar, clearly. Are there Board members who don't want to teach evolution? I don't know. Um, yeah.

Cyndi Crews: Teach S&W. Quotemined Darwin: "Fair result." "Richard Dawkins recently admitted 'we don't know everything.'"

Paul Lively: Veteran. Don't squelch academic freedom. Accurate science is just one view. Avoid censorship and bias. S&W gives a framework. Don't block objective truth.

Leo: Thanks for defending freedom. Could this undermine academic freedom? Yeah, because I know people who were afraid to teach creationism.

Rambling questions followed by rambling answers.

Agosto: S&W doesn't apply to AP classes. Why do this in the HS classroom, rather than at college or university? Teachers should be allowed to suggest S&W. Which isn't the same as requiring them to be presented. Agosto: You're contradicting working groups and 1500 scientists who've advised us. Witness spins BS about how scientists hide fossils, etc.

Agosto: I've talked to good scientists, so don't impugn them.

Knight: Consequences of S&W. He complains that the S&W language wasn't adequately implemented. "Missed the mark" in pushing alternatives into textbooks.

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