Sharon Mosher and Deborah Koeck

ESS writing committee member Sharon Mosher calls for them to reverse the bogus changes. Calling for students to "assess the arguments for and against universal common descent in light of the fossil evidence" is nonsense, she says, because it requires teachers to "manufacture arguments that don't exist."

BTW, Ray Bohlin's biological research apparently includes work on questions about whether pole-dancing is OK for believers. I imagine there was a lot of field work for that. I wonder if the Biologic Institute will take up that important work.

Deborah Koeck, member of the Chemistry TEKS review team. Opposes S&W, supports TEKS generally. More inside baseball on the structure of the TEKS. Nice that at least someone is looking at the whole body of the science TEKS. A few people at the very beginning commented on the Elementary science TEKS.

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