Kyle Lewallen

Texas oilman Kyle Lewallen is building toward something, I guess. He hasn't actually made an argument yet. Ah, he was on the writing committee, and is offering their suggested revisions for the Earth and Space Science TEKS. They don't like amendments offered last time around by the Board, who didn't consult their expert writing committee before mucking with the text.

NCSE has been pushing simply to reverse those amendments, but the committee is offering revisions which might be easier for the Board to stomach.

Dunbar and Lewallen are going back and forth over the amendments to ESS TEKS 4 and TEKS 8A.

Hardy observes that these were suggested by one board member. That one person, Barbara Cargill, insists that she was just a beard for the changes offered by someone else.

Question about why biological evolution is in the ESS standards. "To exclude one from the other is inappropriate," he responds.

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