Godwin's Law

Shorter David Klinghoffer, Minister of Propaganda for the Disco. 'tute: "Then They Came for Me -- and There Was No One Left to Speak for Me.":

I'm Jewish so it's OK for me to claim NCSE's decision to oppose pseudoscience in earth science classrooms as well as biology classes is just like Nazis dragging people off to be murdered in the middle of the night.

âShorterâ concept created by Daniel Davies, perfected by Elton Beard, and popularized by Sadly, No!. We are aware of all Internet traditions.â¢

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I think that 'drama queen' is more appropriate than "Godwin's Law", which is a pretty stupid "law".

Geesh, this Klinghoffer guy is such an absurd drama queen!

Still not good enough.

Still not as good as Glenn Beck saying Al Gore was just like Hitler - "but for cars!"

By Marion Delgado (not verified) on 07 Feb 2012 #permalink