HIV/AIDS denial is inherently discrediting

Slacktivist observes that Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier:

Tweet from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association:

“New pill stops HIV virus. But won’t stop AIDS since caused by extensive inhalant drug use, not HIV.”

So there it is. Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The chief spokesman of the American Family Association is an AIDS denier.

Do you need to know anything, anything at all, else about Bryan Fischer?


Is there anything, anything at all, else that you could possibly learn about Bryan Fischer that would balance this out and make him a credible and/or decent human being?


So why is Bryan Fischer still treated as a respected, credible peer by his allies in the religious right? Why is Bryan Fischer invited or even allowed to speak at gatherings of the religious right and the Republican Party?

Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The American Family Association is an AIDS-denying organization.

That’s really all you need to know about them.

And that’s really all you need to know about the decency and credibility of anyone who regards them as an ally or a source of support.

Similarly for "the godfather of intelligent design" creationism, Philip Johnson, and leading ID advocate Jonathan Wells, both of whom have placed themselves in the "AIDS is caused by teh ghey" camp.

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