Bad blogger

In case you wonder why I haven't been blogging lately, something else came up.

Miles rides his dad's shoulders


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By Razib Khan (not verified) on 14 Oct 2012 #permalink


By Nick Matzke (not verified) on 15 Oct 2012 #permalink

Well ... we'll let you slide this time.

By John Pieret (not verified) on 15 Oct 2012 #permalink

Hard to say who is cuter! Terrific baby!, terrific dad!

By Hedda Ribolow (not verified) on 17 Oct 2012 #permalink

So adorable! I completely understand.

By Lynn Wilhelm (not verified) on 19 Oct 2012 #permalink

Clearly a saltational evolutionary event to advance so far in cuteness in one generation.:-)


By Mike from Ottawa (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink

Looks like your priorities are fine!

By Cheryl Shepher… (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink