Bad blogger

In case you wonder why I haven't been blogging lately, something else came up.

Miles rides his dad's shoulders


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It's been quiet around here lately, I realize. As you can tell from the last few posts, life has been busy and angsty and not a lot of fun lately. But a very large burden has been lifted (which I may blog about at some point, once I figure out how to do so without compromising my pseudonymity),…
How could I have been such a fool? It's been two months since I started feeling empty at work. It started with anger toward some bad systems at my institution. Lately, I've started feeling some resentment toward colleagues who ask for help--a bad sign--and even occasional resentment toward patients…
You may have noticed that there's been some "radio silence" around here, as they say, lately. Never fear, I'm still here, and I'm....coping. Sort of. Executive summary: I haven't been myself lately, and it's really, really starting to take a toll. (Warning: extreme frankness ahead!) I am not…
Studying for finals has kept me pretty busy lately, but during a break from stressing myself out over trig I stumbled across something interesting. Presented below is a short interview in which Robert Sapolsky discusses religion, particularly why people might believe the things they do. You'll have…


By Razib Khan (not verified) on 14 Oct 2012 #permalink


By Nick Matzke (not verified) on 15 Oct 2012 #permalink

Well ... we'll let you slide this time.

By John Pieret (not verified) on 15 Oct 2012 #permalink

Hard to say who is cuter! Terrific baby!, terrific dad!

By Hedda Ribolow (not verified) on 17 Oct 2012 #permalink

So adorable! I completely understand.

By Lynn Wilhelm (not verified) on 19 Oct 2012 #permalink

Clearly a saltational evolutionary event to advance so far in cuteness in one generation.:-)


By Mike from Ottawa (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink

Looks like your priorities are fine!

By Cheryl Shepher… (not verified) on 21 Oct 2012 #permalink