BBC Earth "Amazing"

Several weeks ago, BBC Earth contacted me to let me know about this awesome new website they were building: Life Is.

The website, created by Firefly Interactive and The Brooklyn Brothers, will showcase some of the best images, videos and stories that the BBC Earth Natural History Unit has accrued in over 50 years of expeditions.

From the recent Life to the ground-breaking Life on Earth, BBC Earth has been at the forefront of our desire to discover more about our planet. The site, Life Is, fully compliments this back catalogue of programming enabling the viewer to see the content as it was meant to be seen, in high resolution and high definition.

The Life Is site works in monthly themes, in July, the theme is Amazing. Each month there will be new and exciting content from the BBC Earth team available for your viewing pleasure, available to download and of course available to share.

Because of the craziness of July, I didn't get a chance to post about this, so here (below the fold), only a few days late, are some AMAZING videos!

[Update: It appears as if the website is only operational in the US (for now).]

Dolphins Working For Food

Red Fox

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Also in Britain. Your link transfers to this site in Britain, which I suspect is a mirror.

The videos are excellent. Does that dolphin behaviour qualify as tool making? If not, why not?