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Science and Science Writing

Colin Schultz has committed science blogging! Science bloggers link more often to original research than do mainstream journalists. Not surprising, but good to know there's empirical research.

Hannah Waters of Culturing Science ponders the place of young science writers in the broader science writing ecosystem.

And in response, some good reminders about the business of blogging for n00b bloggers or journos. (via @edyong209)

As usual, another great piece from Bora in which he considers the relative benefits and consequences of being a part of a blogging cooperative versus a corporate network. A must read for any blogger!

An editorial from Nature: when blogs make sense.

More behind the fold!

Ed Yong writes about the severe decline in the orangutan population. Plus a cute picture of an orang!

Ferris Jabr writes about psychological studies of gambling at Scientific American.

National Geographic unearthed some really cool vintage National Park posters.

Does science suffer from focusing only on cute animals? What about the ugly ones? I should note that I'm not sure how I feel about labeling these critters as "ugly." I don't think I like it.

A really cool blog by a group of USC students who are doing scientific research while diving on the reefs of Micronesia. I also wrote about them earlier this week on LAist.

Wolves regain their protected status. This is great news!

Other Odds 'n Ends

Shark Week in 30 seconds. (Does this require additional commentary?)

It seems that dogs in the workplace my boost productivity.

What if historical events were recorded by Facebook statuses?

A short essay from the New Yorker on recession pets.

Some real interesting data from OkCupid. Apparently iPhone users have more sex than Blackberry users. Android users fare the worst.

More great whites in the waters off of Southern California than previously thought.

LA Times story about a summer science camp for homeless children.

Another interesting new blog about an individual with social anxiety.

Earn geek cred by doing this 15 things. I guess I'm not geeky enough for this list.

Via #baconblogwars lieutenant @whysharksmatter: Wendy's introduces new bacon into the Baconater.

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