A Day in the Life... (of a dog. or a cat.)

I'm not sure where this is from, or who made it (if you do, though, please let me know so I can give it proper attribution). But I think its hilarious and awesome. The image is particularly large, though, so I've placed it behind the fold.

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I'm pretty sure this predates the Internet, but is not as old as the useful range for radiocarbon dating. Therefore it can't be dated.

Hilarious! I think I've seen a much longer version of the cat one, with multiple days entries, but still funny. My friend and I just commented on how upset her cats were when intervened in their attempt to take out my boyfriend (allergies - got to the point of trouble breathing), and how they were pissed at us for keeping them from their first confirmed human kill.

I was just sent this a couple years ago for the first time. I also have no idea of its origins, but I still find it funny to this day. I love how it is obviously exaggerated, but is so uncannily accurate in its own right.

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