Smithsonian Channel Women in Science Contest Winner

A couple weeks ago, I asked readers to offer up some science blogs written by women.

I wrote:

Throughout the month of March, The Smithsonian Channel aired all-new original programming, exploring the scientific contributions of five female scientists: Elisabeth Blackburn, JoGayle Howard, Nan Hauser, Elisabeth Kalko, and Gudrun Pflueger. (I featured one of the programs, about Gudrun Pflueger, earlier this month.)

As the month of programming wraps up, in order to commemorate the Women in Science programming, and to celebrate Women in Science more generally, I've got some schwag from the Smithsonian Channel to give away to a reader!

I randomly chose a winner from the comments, who will receive the Smithsonian Channel bag (in the back; hard to tell its a bag), long-sleeve t-shirt, water bottle, and the 3 DVDs: (1) Wanted: Anaconda, (2) The Big Blue, and (3) Pandas in the Wild.

Thumbnail image for smithsonian stuff.jpg

So, if your name/pseudonym is Serious Monkey Business (who happens to be a female science blogger herself), get in touch with your mailing address and I'll send you the stuff!

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Congratualtions on running such a great competition.

Hopefully this will encourage female science bloggers out there to add more to the blogosphere.

With a competition like this you are helping to increase the positive image of women in science. Which is an issue I hold close to my heart.

Good on you!