Some Photos From My Travels

i-db6c8c0e43646b97d79d52d8e7625771-slanted.jpgHopefully this here blog will get back into the regular rhythm of posting in a few days. Until then, enjoy these photos from Oakland, Portland, and Seattle.

These pictures, and the rest in the photo set are my first serious attempt at actual photography. Check it out!


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Even more pictures from the Friday dinner at Town Hall Grill (under the fold):
The bold, playful style of Graphocephala coccinea, the candy-striped leafhopper, is all the rage this season: photo details: Canon EOS 7D camera Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens ISO 100, f/13, 1/250sec diffused twin flash
I know it's an arbitrary number, but it still looks cool: (Apparently, the 1000000th and the 1000001st visitors arrived simultaneously). Back when I just started I never thought this was even possible. The millionth visitor came here from Oakland, California, entered the site at this post, and…
It was street, y'all. Team Phylogenetics came out busting chops, with a and a "Your mom," said HIV: "She's so fat," Team Phylo sputtered. "I thought we were brothers, man:" "Oh yeah?" "Booyah, biatch." And as quickly as it had started, the game was over. HIV moves on to the next round.

Beautiful! Especially the cherries... I love the Pacific northwest but I haven't been in years - Gotta drag Brian up there one of these days!

My family and I just missed you. We were at the market in Seattle. We went there for our cruise to Alaska.