New Science Think Tank

Yay! Finally! The good guys - that's us - are finally getting their/our own Discovery Institute! Only ours will actually promote real science and science policy as opposed to God-told-me-so science and science policy. Ed Brayton over at Dispatches From the Culture Wars has a post on the nifty new think tank with a link to a Washington Post article about it. Go over to Ed's pad and read the quote he excerpted from the Post article. It is soooooooo good.

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Hmmm! I went over to Ed's blog but don't now which post you meant. Could you check the link you posted please?

By SuzyQueue (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

The Washington post article is at

Think Tank Will Promote Thinking

Here is the first part.

Think Tank Will Promote Thinking
Advocates Want Science, Not Faith, at Core of Public Policy

By Marc Kaufman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 15, 2006; Page A19

Concerned that the voice of science and secularism is growing ever fainter in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in culture, a group of prominent scientists and advocates of strict church-state separation yesterday announced formation of a Washington think tank designed to promote "rationalism" as the basis of public policy.

By SuzyQueue (not verified) on 17 Nov 2006 #permalink

The link should be fixed now, sorry about that. Also I added in the link for the main blog site which I forgot to put in the first time around. It's been a migrainey week and I'm sleep deprived.