Happy Birthday to Carrie and Ninetta!

Penny left some comments over at Let's All Have A Party with some January 14 birthdays to celebrate. She writes:

January 14 (as I type) is the birthday of botanist/geneticist Carrie Matilda Derick (1862-1941), the first woman appointed to a full professorship at a Canadian university. Her story is full of the pain and struggle of being the "first woman" over and over and over... and it's probably no wonder she worked for women's rights, including suffrage and birth control, beyond her academic work. See here for more info.

And one more born on January 14: Ninetta May Runnals (1885-1980) was a math professor at Colby College in Maine; she was also Dean of Women. On her watch she added a women's infirmary with a full-time nurse, and organized a Women's Health League to encourage physical fitness in women students. A building on Colby's campus is named for Runnals. See here for more info.

Do check out the links; they are very nice biographies.

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Happy Birthday to both of them. Its an honor to have such great women working for the betterment of the nation. They were and will always be our pride.
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