Tentative Blogging ReStart

If you've seen this post over at Isis's place, you have already read this:

A few minutes ago I received this email from the Overlords:

Hi Isis,

As far as I can tell they finally corrected it- they halted all ads from that network. I haven't seen any bad ads last night or this morning andfriends I've been clicking around for awhile. Our ad VP suggested that if some readers are still seeing bad ads, they may need to clear their cache for them to stop showing up. Otherwise, all looks good!

- The Overlords

That was yesterday, around noon. Nevertheless, in the afternoon and near midnight, JC was still seeing mail order brides and Russian brides ads on my blog.

Erin Johnson of ScienceBlogs reminds you that you need to clear your cache to make sure the ads are completely gone.

Carlie asks if I got an apology letter, too. No, I did not. More importantly, you did not, either. I did put in a request for some sort of formal apology to be issued to the readers from Seed/ScienceBlogs but have heard nothing in reply. This is extremely disappointing to me. I'm disappointed that the powers-that-be didn't see fit to articulate to their new ad providers, before the fact, a policy that made explicit what sorts of ads would be acceptable and what would not; I'm disappointed that those same powers-that-be didn't come up with the idea of an apology or at least some sort of explanatory statement on their own; and I'm disappointed that they didn't even respond to my request, even to say "no, we aren't going to do that". So this is where we stand. No apologies, except the personal one to Isis. For now I'll keep blogging, and thinking hard about the privileges of the patriarchy.

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I've been clicking around and not seeing any brides for sale today.

The dates on your posts seem off. This one seems to be posted on August 7th, the next one on August 23rd.

Glad to hear that the bad ads have been removed. Hopefully the SEED people will be better at monitoring such things in the future (likewise with the woo ads that also popped up at the same time).

"I'm disappointed that those same powers-that-be didn't come up with the idea of an apology or at least some sort of explanatory statement on their own"

A case of Bride and Predjudice?