Upcycled Purse Honors Howard U. Grad - it could be YOURS!

Penny Richards has created a new purse, available on her Etsy site. Here's some info about it she shared with me (details about the purse construction available on the site):

[the purse honors] Melba Roy, a Howard University graduate (undergrad and masters) who was a mathematician at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in the 1960s. She led a team (four women, seven men) who did computations to track the movements of satellites. I wish I could find more about her, but there's nothing much online--can't even find a birth year (or death date, but she might still be alive).

Get it while it's hot, ladies. This is one of a kind.

Penny's creations are amazing. Why buy some new bag when you could be totin' one of Penny's? Seriously. Check out the Janet Scudder and Jazz Age bags, too.

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Is it a small torpedo? A thermos? A shiny handbag? Who cares, it's adorable! Metal purse by Frank Strunk, who has also created some really uncomfortable-looking "industrial chic" outfits and men's ties. Uh, I'll just take the purse, thanks. Via Haute Macabre via Coilhouse.

Sold out yesterday :(

By lost academic (not verified) on 06 Feb 2010 #permalink

Thanks! That sold it. ;D I love doing purses about women in science, but they sell quickly, so you might not know it from looking at the shop on any given day.

David Alan Grier wrote a book, "When Computers Were Human" which addressed the role of human computers in the development of astronomy. It was inspired by his grandmother's training in the field.